Professional Translation Services

Translation is much more than changing one word in one language for another one in a different language. It’s about understanding the connotations and nuances of a source text and correctly rendering into the target language to create a document that the target reader would think has been written directly in their language.

We also offer more than just translation. Our professional translation services include: :

Translation - written translation of legal, technical, financial, general, marketing and many more types of documents. We pride ourselves on the accuracy and precision of our translations in 1,500 language combinations.

Proofreading - we can offer a proofreading or revision of texts which have been translated elsewhere, offering you a chance to remove any potentially embarrassing errors before they develop.

Monolingual Revision - our translators are language-lovers, and understand their own grammar as much as that of foreign language. We can also proofread original texts for any potential errors before publication.

Localisation – localisation involves the adaptation of software, websites or other content to the target language and culture and is essential in ensuring that the translation is understood by native speakers. We work with localisation experts, technical translators and multilingual graphic designers, ensuring that your translation is clear and fits the target culture.

Interpretation – spoken translation in a range of fields and language combinations. LinguaVox works with a team of qualified and experienced interpreters around the world, removing any language barriers while you do business with non-English speaking clients or business partners.