LinguaVox’s values are to strive for perfection, excellence and outstanding customer service and we have an unrivalled passion for delivering translations that read perfectly and which we can be proud of and confident that you can publish. This means only working with native-speaking translators who are experienced and specialists in their field. Our translators must share our values and passion for a responsible, transparent and high-quality translation industry.

Thanks to our strong supplier relations with translators around the world we can offer high quality translation in over 1500 language combinations and for a wide range of specialist industries. We have worked with private and corporate clients across the UK, Europe, USA, South America, Asia and Africa. Our project managers are experienced, friendly and well organised and will manage your translation project for you, saving you time and stress. They are always on hand to answer any questions you may have and will help to explain a personalised language solution for your project.

Our Triple Quality Guarantee ensures that our standards are compliant with both ISO 17100:2015 and ISO 9001 guidelines, and our dedicated quality control department ensures that your translations will be completely accurate.

We believe in providing the best quality translations in the translation industry. We give you our word, in any language.

Urgent Translation

The global marketplace does not always allow for long deadlines. Last minute meetings, amendments or contracts often need translating instantly so that they can be signed according to short deadlines. LinguaVox is flexible towards your deadline and offers urgent, same-day translations without compromising on quality.

Translation in a Range of File Extension Formats

LinguaVox appeals to a wide range of clients by translating documents in a wide range of file extension formats. We can translate in any Microsoft Office format such as Word, PowerPoint or Excel, PDF, XML, InDesign documents and many more. We also translate captions and callouts and format them in the final document. We also offer DTP services in any language.


Accuracy in translation also includes the consistency of technical terminology. We can work with you to create glossaries or Translation Memories to ensure the consistent use of terminology in all of your translated documents. We can also use reference documents to ensure the consistency and accuracy of terminology of future translations.