Superior Translators & Interpreters

At LinguaVox our carefully chosen translators and interpreters are held to the highest standards in the translation industry. Firstly they must share our passion for, and responsibility towards, producing only the most accurate translations. By working closely with our translators around the globe, and minting good relations with them, we work together to ensure that the most suitably experienced translators translated your documents.

We not only expect our translators and interpreters to be completely fluent in the source language a native-speaker of the target language. We expect them to be an outstanding writer, passionate about language and translation and to fully understand all connotations and nuances of the source language. Only this way can we ensure that our translations completely reflect the source text but are written in such a way that the target reader would think has been written directly in their language.

The best translations are invisible, you would never guess that they have been translated from a foreign document. For this reason, LinguaVox translators are selected for their cultural expertise and writing abilities, as well as their translation experience and specialisms.

We believe that the best translators are those who have an intimate knowledge of the subject they are translating. We work with experts in the technical, legal, financial, marketing, tourism etc. field to ensure that the documents are completely understood. Many of our translators have further non-translation qualifications, for example in law or medicine.

We carefully chose the best translator for each job based on a range of criteria, and are confident that the translator we chose will provide a high-quality, error-free translation, perfectly rendered into the target language.